Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa's little elves...

So look, I know its Christmas break for most of you out there.  Andre and I (Danny) are in the office today and tomorrow.  Basically....we're just chillin.  Most schools around the country are NOT in session, I repeat, NOT, herego we decided to raise the game.  We're gonna take these next two days, and shore up the R5 Productions program.  Those of you who have seen us...remember the funny video at the beginning of the presentation? Yeah, all new for '09.  BAM! Think about it. I'm envisioning some babies throwing up, a few more minor injuries, perhaps a fire or two...I hope your are as excited as us.

In case we don't catch you, have a happy holidays! Stay safe, remember what's really important these holidays, family.  Spend some time with them.  Maybe try going out of your way at least once to make someone else's day, that's what we try to do everyday here at R5 Productions.

Merry Christmas from the R5 Staff.




Anonymous said...

thats freakin funny and i really think what you said at mi school ( Junction city high school)really helped and i think it will be better.


Gothic-Nerd/ Brittany said...

hahaha so i just saw this t-shirt design with a guy holding a chainsaw and underneath him was a tree, and it said "Run forest! Run!" hahahahahahhaaaa......I don't really know what that has to do with babies throwing up, minor injuries, or fires, but i thought it was pretty great. ^-^