Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day One


This is Andre'.  I just started this blog a minute ago.  Mike and Danny are out on the road doing what we do.  I'm in Omaha holding it down.  Trying to Get Up and ready to roll.  We'll see what the future holds!

Much love



mahnke1994 said...

hey man u came to my school today and u change my life man cuz i was a cutter but bcuz of u changed my life and i thank u from the bottom of my heart and my name is jordan mahnke so u can message me at
much love

buckbeak54 said...

mike thank you so much u changed the way i see some people and how i see myself THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumer said...

you were so awesome!! we rode a bus a really long ways to see u and it was worth it!! i learned way more than i ever would of in school. i wish u would come to my school sometime. msg me if u can at . u tottly changed my life and i thank u for that!! love u lots
Sumer ray<33

floresdarlin said...

mike tnks alot 4 cumn 2 ma skul wch iz in madison u actuly made me reaize hw mch need 2 chng im da 1 who kpt on clapn n sayn tnk u jajajaja wel thx ur da bst buddy plz cum agn wel il c u l8rs k email me sumtym ma email iz

Gothic-Nerd/ Brittany said...


This is a bunny...i hope u enjoy it. 0_0

kendra said...

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Kendra Skaggs